Yoga for those who Struggle with Yoga


We are really pleased to welcome Marianne to our team. Marianne will be teaching yoga at our studios from 26th September 2019 and is looking forward to helping our existing, and new clients to move better. Marianne’s style of teaching makes yoga a fun and uplifting experience, and she is especially interested in helping those that are new to Yoga, or have struggled with it in the past (people like Dylan - see below).

Yoga takes place in our new first-floor studio, and starts on September 26th 2019 at 7 pm. Groups are small (no more than 5), so there is plenty of focus on you the individual, rather than a big class where it’s easy to get lost trying to keep up with those around you. Courses last 6 weeks, and all equipment is included.

If you have any questions about the courses, or would like to book your space, please contact us, email or call 07464 752304

Yoga Teacher - Marianne Moore

Yoga Teacher - Marianne Moore

My flexibility has never been great and this has often been a hindrance to my training, so yoga is something that has been recommended to me over the years. Each time I’ve tried a class, I have always left feeling out of my depth, and surrounded by bendy bodies that I struggled to keep up with. My first session with Marianne was the first time I have actually enjoyed Yoga, and felt like I’d achieved something. The group was small - just 4 of us, so there was plenty of personal attention, and the level set for me was within my limits, whilst challenging enough to make good progress. Marianne took great care to ensure each member of the group was using correct technique, and made constant adjustments to our form. I will now be back for more.
— Dylan W