If you've arrived at this site because of a desire to improve your physical and mental well-being, then I would like to congratulate you on taking that important first step. Having helped many clients change their lives for the better, some of whom had never ventured onto a gym floor, I appreciate how big a step this can be.

For the last 21 years, I have dedicated my life to fitness. I live and breathe it, and really believe that it can change anyone's life for the better when delivered in the right way. I have seen many people's lives completely turned around by a programme of regular exercise, and this is by far the most rewarding part of my job.

The foundation of our Personal Training is a successful coaching partnership, and not about pushing you beyond your limits.


Why we are different…

I set up Dylan Worthington Personal Training in 2016 as, having worked in large health clubs for much of my career, was frustrated by seeing so many people join up with good intentions, only to lose motivation quickly and never realise their full fitness potential. I wanted to change lives, and knew that the ‘big gym’ experience was not right for everybody. I also saw how the Personal Training industry had changed over the years, and had become far more trend-led, rather than client-led: More and more trainers were adopting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to their programming at the expense of their clients’ ultimate goals.

When training with us, you and your goals will always come first, and we respect the commitment you’ve made towards them. We will ensure every minute you spend with us is spent working towards a better you, and in a way that is right for YOU!  We plan each session thoroughly, and employ a progressive coaching system that avoids needless down-time teaching exercises your body isn't yet ready for. Sessions are enjoyable and motivational, whilst remaining challenging enough to allow good progress.

Fully equipped private personal training studio in Devizes offers a private, non-intimidating, mirror-free space to train.

Sessions can be Fully Private - just you and your trainer; Semi-Private - you and your trainer share the studio with another client and trainer; or you can make a pair or join a small group of 3. You choose!

And it doesn’t stop when you leave the studio: We want exercise to become part of your everyday life, and not just a temporary fix. So we work with our clients to build a successful coaching partnership that encourages a long-lasting lifestyle change.

“Absolutely satisfied with the great level of professionalism and patience from Dylan. We went through a 3 month program to bring me out of a 10 year sedentary lifestyle, improving posture and flexibility and far exceeding all weight loss and body fat targets. The training focused on mobility whilst building core strength which transitioned into a safe functional training routine which is now part of my new and refreshed lifestyle!”

— Manoj R

Clients often come to us wanting to lose weight or get fitter, but they all leave with so much more: improved self-confidence, a more positive outlook, greater energy, better posture, lower blood pressure, less pain - the list is endless. In fact, the potential benefits of physical activity to health are so huge, that the Chief Medical Officer for England reported that: "if a medication existed which had a similar effect, it would be regarded as a 'wonder drug' or 'miracle cure'" (CMO England Report 2009).

When training with us you'll have an expert by your side to ensure everything you do is safe and effective. Your tailored programme will fit around you, your likes, dislikes and limitations. Exercise, lifestyle and nutritional factors are all considered and regularly reviewed, ensuring that you're always progressing at an optimal rate. Our personal training will provide a level of motivation that you are unlikely to achieve on your own, or with a training partner; as a result, you'll get much more out of every session.

We offer training across North and Central Wiltshire. We can train you in your own home, at work, outdoors, or from our exclusive private studio with free and easy parking, just on the outskirts of Devizes. The studio offers a non-intimidating and mirror-free space to train, and also provides sports massage, physiotherapy and chiropody.

PT sessions start from just £13 for small groups and £36 for one-to-one and include:

  • Comprehensive lifestyle consultation

  • Body composition test (can be missed out if preferred)

  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment (can be missed out if preferred)

  • Muscular Strength and Endurance assessment (can be missed out if preferred)

  • Movement and posture screening

  • Goal setting

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Weekly & monthly progress reviews

  • Take-away plans for when you're away

New to training? Click here to find out what to expect.


"I have registered a marked improvement in my physical condition under Dylan’s expert and very professional personal training. He has been instrumental and inspiring with his contagious spirit of motivation and his ability to bring out the best in myself both physically and psychologically".

- Melita S