My husband and I Started having personal training sessions with Dylan and his colleague Tori in November, and I have to say it’s great! I was a little worried as this was something very new, having only ever trained in a gym before with no instruction. Dylan covers all aspects of fitness from what you eat to how you exercise and I am pleased with my progress so far. Each week we are learning something new, or adding more reps or weights to the exercises and we are given plenty of motivation.
Would highly recommend.
— Julie D

I now Feel Stronger and Healthier

I have just completed a 12 week group training programme with Abi and Dylan, following a particularly sedentary period in my life. My objectives were to lose weight, increase fitness levels and tone up my lower body – all have been fully achieved.

Sessions were challenging but always achievable and fun. I was encouraged and motivated to reach my potential during each session and never pushed beyond my capabilities.

I now feel stronger, fitter and healthier. I am amazed at how much progress I was able to make in what feels like a short period of time. Thank you
— Ali K

So impressed and thankful !

Having reached a significant birthday, I felt it was now or never to get myself fitter. I have dipped in and out of exercise throughout my years, with little confidence to push myself to gain benefits. I read the ad for Dylan’s PT and decided to give it a go! Six months later and I am reaping the benefits of Dylan’s excellent training and professional knowledge. I never dreamt I would be doing some of the things I can do now! Dylan’s knowledge is extensive and he teaches and monitors every exercise with great care. I train in a small group and we are all at different levels, but we all still get individual attention to reach our personal goals. My confidence is growing with each session alongside improvements with health and strength. I recently had a cholesterol test done and I am so pleased that I am now in the normal range, so thank you Dylan! I can highly recommend Dylan as a personal trainer.
— Gill T

Dylan has been closely involved with our training programme for around 2 years. During this period we have both made significant progress ­in both physical fitness and weight loss ­under his expert guidance.

Throughout his time as our trainer and mentor, he has assisted us with excellent physical training programmes tailored to our needs, and despite the legacy of some old injuries (Julian) he has always proved capable of providing us with a regime which assisted with our weight loss and strengthening programmes. As a result, these legacy injuries have significantly improved over the period.

The training programmes which he has devised have proved to be progressive, very detailed, well-explained, and in addition he has clearly made careful efforts to ensure that they remain interesting and fluid. This is particularly illustrated by the recent progress made in relation to weight training, with which we were both unfamiliar, over the last twelve months. His approach is always consultative, and despite our ages he has been enthusiastic in his encouragement, and our successes and setbacks are always monitored and discussed with remedial action taken where appropriate.

In addition his knowledge of physical training, physiology and also nutrition has enabled us to fully understand both our training needs, and indeed the physical impact of the programme. As a result we are both now very confident of our training capabilities, which Dylan regularly helped us exceed, and when and where we need to adjust our approach.

Dylan is a mature, responsible and personable individual, very client­ focused, who clearly has a broad range of skills, including management, which he can deliver. It has been a pleasure to work with him.
— Carol & Julian S

Absolutely satisfied with the great level of professionalism and patience from Dylan. We went through a 3 month program to bring me out of a 10 year sedentary lifestyle, improving posture and flexibility and far exceeding all weight loss and body fat targets. The training focused on mobility whilst building core strength which transitioned into a safe functional training routine which is now part of my new and refreshed lifestyle!
— Manoj R

I started a 12 week training programme with Dylan with the aim of staying fit and toning up. By the end of the 12 weeks I had not only toned up but had a total body transformation which left me feeling fitter and healthier than I had in a long time. Training sessions were tough and challenging and adapted to my personal needs. Dylan’s professionalism, patience and attention to detail ensured that I trained safely but well enough to achieve my intended results. I highly recommend him.
— Antonella G

I have registered a marked improvement in my physical condition under Dylan’s expert and very professional personal training. He has been instrumental and inspiring with his contagious spirit of motivation and his ability to bring out the best in myself both physically and psychologically.
— Melita S

Dear Richard (former employer)

First and foremost I would like to emphasise what great contribution Dylan was by being on your professional team. I look back on the past two years when I decided to start one-to-one training sessions at lunchtime, and you decided to have me train with Dylan.

Dylan worked on every muscle in the body and worked between cardio and muscle toning spread out evenly over the three weekly sessions I attended each week. The close supervision, professional approach and encouragement I received from Dylan was commendable and of an extremely high standard. He also had a brilliant way on how to push me without making me feel totally exhausted or covered in muscle pain the next day. Dylan ensured I maintained a good strong core to perform exercises correctly and avoid any injury whilst even carrying out very heavy dead lifts. Dylan also managed to eliminate a troublesome knee by having me perform particular exercises and stretching which I know he took interest in even doing further research on the problem I was experiencing.

Dylan is a totally dedicated and professional trainer with a very positive approach on how to get his client reach goals and targets.

He will be missed
— Roberta T

A friend and myself have been training at Richard Geres Personal Training gym since April 2015 and were assigned to Dylan as our personal trainer. Dylan is a fantastic trainer who always helped us to achieve our goals, and we have always seen improvement in our monthly reviews. We used to train with Dylan every Monday and Friday and in the last seven months we have seen a radical change in our bodies and filled our lives with motivation to achieve more! I would highly recommend Dylan as he is focused, disciplined, a kind person as well as a great motivator.
— Malcolm S

I have trained with Dylan for the last 13 months, first as a one-to-one client and then later with a friend, as part of a couples training programme.

Dylan is a true professional. He is very respectful of his client’s needs and limitations, and is always mindful of any injury or physical problem you may be experiencing. He tailor-makes the program according to the clients possibilities and is not afraid to push you within your capabilities,

He is always conscious of the way any exercise is being performed, making sure posture is correct all the time. He encourages and motivates you to do better, and yet he knows how much you are capable of.

Dylan deserves the best compliments from me I have no doubt that he will be successful in the future.
— Christine A

I had the pleasure to be trained by Dylan for more than 2 years. I found him to be committed to my results, professional with great customer service. It was because of his dedication and perseverance that I managed to start enjoying my training sessions both mentally and physically. He was capable of pushing me professionally out of my comfort zone thus achieving well-earned results. Dylan has the skills and knowledge of a qualified Personal Trainer and although he will be missed, I wish him all the success he deserves.
— Estelle B

This was my first experience joining a gym, so when I started last year I was not convinced if I would make it. Then I met my trainer Dylan and started with the training programme and immediately changed my mind, because he introduced me to the training slowly and every week was teaching me new things and liked that I was very happy with the results also. I trained with him for the last 12 Months and I have to say that he is very professional in his work. He also gave me the motivation to continue. I learned a lot from him. Thanks Dylan.
— Jason D

I trained with Dylan to help me lose weight and get fitter after Christmas. I was very pleased with the results, and the training left me feeling stronger both mentally as well as physically. Dylan is an excellent motivator, and really got the best out of me, making sure I did that little bit better at every session. Dylan is a mature and experienced trainer, and this inspired confidence in me from the outset.
— Clive R