Reach your Goals while Having Fun with Small Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training is a great way to get the benefits of real personalised training whilst having fun with others. Group sizes never exceed 3 persons, so it won't be like a large class where individual attention is limited. What's more, you'll also receive an initial consultation with goal setting, fitness test, weigh-in, body composition analysis and measurements (these can be missed out if preferred), plus monthly reviews to ensure you're on target to hit your goals.

In small groups, individual fitness levels can be catered for easily, so you'll always be working at your optimum level. Although not as individually targeted as one-to-one Personal Training, different goals can still be accommodated, with the main focus being on good all-round fitness and body-fat reduction. For those that are very new to exercise, or are returning from a long break, a few one-to-one sessions might be recommended to ensure you get the most out of the group training when you start.

Individualised training in a fun and friendly environment!

Group Personal Training sessions last 1 hour and there is a choice of evening and morning groups . All sessions take place at our studio in Devizes. If you'd like to start your own group with family, friends or colleagues, please contact us with details, and we'll try to accommodate you in the timetable.  Click here to find out more, or to book your free consultation.

Small group training prices:

6 Session Package: £89

12 Session Package: £156


So impressed and thankful !


"Having reached a significant birthday, I felt it was now or never to get myself fitter. I have dipped in and out of exercise throughout my years, with little confidence to push myself to gain benefits. I read the ad for Dylan's PT and decided to give it a go! Six months later and I am reaping the benefits of Dylan's excellent training and professional knowledge. I never dreamt I would be doing some of the things I can do now! Dylan's knowledge is extensive and he teaches and monitors every exercise with great care. I train in a small group and we are all at different levels, but we all still get individual attention to reach our personal goals. My confidence is growing with each session alongside improvements with health and strength. I recently had a cholesterol test done and I am so pleased that I am now in the normal range, so thank you Dylan! I can highly recommend Dylan as a personal trainer."


- Gill T