Where will I train?

Well this is really up to you. We operate from a Personal Training Studio just 5 minutes from the centre of Devizes which has free customer parking. Alternatively we can visit you in your own home or at another venue such as a local park. We are well equipped for a variety of training situations, so please get in touch to discuss your goals.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, we have training packages for one-to-one, couples and small groups. A training partner can be great for motivation too.


What happens on my first day?

On your first day, Dylan will welcome you to the studio and make you feel at home before you get started. Your first session is usually split between the consultation and a fitness appraisal (don't panic - it's easy!).

The consultation involves a questionnaire designed to ensure that all factors of your lifestyle are considered when planning your programme. Depending on your goals, you may then be given a food diary to complete for the following week or two. This can take the form of a written diary, or an easy-to-use photo diary app on your smart phone - you choose.

You will also be asked to complete a PAR-Q form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire). If you prefer, you can complete this form before you arrive and it can be downloaded here: PAR-Q Form

If your goal is related to weight loss or body composition changes, you will also undergo your first weigh-in, measurements and electronic body composition test (although any of these assessments can be missed out if you'd prefer). The Bodystat device is non-intrusive and connects via your hands and feet, so no nasty 'pinch' calipers, and you remain in your training clothes throughout the test. For those being tested, we ask that you avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before your consultation, avoid exercise 4 hours before, and maintain your normal hydration routine (if this involves tea and coffee, please replace these drinks with water or non-caffeinated alternatives).

The fitness appraisal is very straightforward and will not push you hard - so don't worry. The appraisal involves a gentle 5 minute cycling test that compares your heart rate to the work you perform. Exertion levels required are quite moderate. We will also test your ability to perform some basic movements. Both parts of the appraisal will help us assess your starting fitness and ensure your sessions are at the optimum level to achieve your goals, whilst remaining enjoyable and rewarding.

Please ensure you take a small snack a couple of hours before you begin any training, and maintain good hydration before, during and after your sessions.

I haven't exercised for a long time; how will I feel?

Your present level of fitness will be carefully appraised at your first session without over exerting you. We want you to leave each session feeling energised and uplifted, so will always train you at an appropriate level for your current fitness. Each session begins with a gradual warm up and finishes with a cool down and relaxing stretch. During training it is normal for your breathing and heart rate to become elevated, and you will feel warmer and perspire more as the exercise progresses. During certain exercises, muscular fatigue will be experienced, but again, this is very normal, temporary, and a sign that you are effectively exercising the targeted area. The changes required in the body to become fitter and stronger take place during the resting phases between your training sessions, and it is common to experience some post exercise muscle soreness up to 3 days after your training, especially if you have not trained for some time. This reduces as you get used to the training.


What if I need to cancel a session?

If you wish to cancel a session, you must call or e-mail us as soon as you can. If you give us 24 hours or more notice prior to your session time, your session will be cancelled at no cost. Notice given within 24 hours will mean that your session will be deducted from your package as if you had attended.

If you are unwell, you should put off training until you feel better and inform us so that any pre-booked sessions can be cancelled. If you have an injury, you should inform us as soon as you can. Please discuss any injuries with a medical professional and follow his or her advice. Wherever possible, we will try to keep your programme going and work around your injury.

What should I wear?

Clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Materials that help to wick sweat are ideal as these keep your skin dryer and your body cooler as you train. On cooler days, it is good to wear a fleece or long sleeved top over your training clothes while you are warming up. Footwear should be worn at all times, aside from some stretching and mat work. Choose training shoes that are suitable for general gym use, and that provide good ankle support and cushioning. Fashion shoes are not suitable for training. You should replace your footwear every 3 to 6 months.